Monday, November 30, 2015


So the 30 day challenge is going on and I have not really got to post about it so, oops. The 30 day challenge of me drawing every single day has not been going as planned. The one reason I don't draw on a regular basis, is that I have too many hobbys. My scedule is all filled. There were many days where I didn't get to draw because of my scedule and I'm very forgetful. So it has been going okay with the challenge, I guess. I notice that my drawings are getting better and I'm happier with them. I will keep going though.

Monday, November 9, 2015

30 Day Challenge w/ Drawing

Hello and welcome back everyone to my blog. So, recently I wanted to do a challenge, The 30 Day Challenge. Basically I do something every something for 30 days. I wanted to draw every single day and post it to this blog. There might be some chickens in there.

Well there he is. Anyway be prepared for a lot of drawings starting soon. I'll make a post don't worry.


Popsicles were a mistake. I'm sure most of you know this by now or even made your own popsicles with freezing a liquid. Well yeah, it was a cold day and they left their drink out with a stick in it and made the popsicle.


Monday, November 2, 2015


Welcome to my blog, aren't you proud of yourself for finding this amazing blog. I bet you are. I am forced against my will to make a blog. This is not always a bad thing. The name which you probably know already is.
THE BLOG OF CHICKENS! FEEL INFERIOR TO MY AMAZING BLOG (that's not part of the name)!!!!!!
Chickens  |


(I didn't realize that before, but don't tell anybody)

I will allow them, even if they are not true ducks.

So anyway, My interests include drawing, video games, and anything that's fun, like chickens. So be prepared for awesome. I will leave you with some knowledge.

You know when you eat "banana flavored" candy like Laff Taff or weird banana shaped things you get at that one restaurant. They taste REALLY sweet and not really like their counterpart the actual banana. Like the orange resembles the orange, so why doesn't the banana. Well they actually ARE flavored like bananas. Bananas people ate a really long time ago that tasted really sweeter. They were attacked by a certain virus and all died out. Then we developed the bananas we eat today but, they kept the candy flavoring.